Written as a white, cis woman who tries to be a decent, if flawed, ally. 

My faith in humanity is low right now. In the last week, we’ve added more names to the already too-long list of black men killed by police under sketchy circumstances. Meanwhile, the #sayhername movement continues on. Then someone derails our cries for change, for justice, for accountability by shooting 12 cops at a peaceful rally that had been filled with camaraderie between the police and protesters.

I am sad. I am exhausted.

The good news is that we continue to be horrified. We continue to be outraged. The moment this becomes rote, where we no longer stop to watch the bloodshed in disbelief… that’s the moment we’re all doomed.

I’ve compiled some of the best memes, quotes, stories, and articles that I’ve seen in the wake of this week’s tragedies.




Notice how my commentary is void of details? That’s how sure I am that this will be relevant again, in the near future; that we will need these to share, again, to reiterate our calls for change, for justice, for accountability; to drill it into our more complacent, less activist friends’ minds that these things matter if we’re still going to be the home of the free and land of the brave, with liberty and justice for all.

Share, and then listen.

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