January is a giant hangover.

Seriously. I feel like we all need the entire month to recover from the previous year (and the 80,000 calories consumed between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day… and I’m just talking about the alcohol here).

That’s why it’s almost February and I’m just now getting around to resolutions. January was just one long GYSTS.

As the Betches say.
As the Betches say.

While I did start my ClassPass up again, working out is not a resolution. It is a fact of life that I would like to stay on my horse in the modified and low A/O jumpers this spring and summer, and working out is an unfortunate part of that.

My spirit animal
My spirit animal

My real resolution is to write more. Here on the blog, in random Word documents, on paper. Something more substantive than 140 characters or emoji-laden texts. Mainly because it just took me 5 minutes to think of the word “substantive”, but also because, much like the title of my first blog post, I have something to say. From #ootd posts and how it’s ok for me as a feminist to like clothes and accessories and shopping (maybe a bit too much, thanks for the reminder Wells Fargo), to why I am an ardent Hillary 2016 supporter, to my magical beasties and the antics of the menagerie: I have a lot to say.


I actually contemplated this resolution back around the New Year festivities. However, my laptop was still dead (turns out rice doesn’t work as well with Macs as it does with iPhones after a flood), and tweeting from my phone is a lot more convenient and fun than blogging. My computer was resurrected thanks to Boyfriend a couple weeks ago, and now it’s time to actually follow through.

So here we go.

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