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It hasn’t really been a whirlwind week here, but it feels like it. Maybe it’s just the seasonal transition. All the horses got their spring shots, the snow from last weekend finally melted, I put my first plants in pots, and am finally getting around to digging up the runners from my maple tree. That last one required quite a bit of effort, and unleashing more than a little of my crazy side. Let’s just say that if Leo ever needs it again, I’m pretty good with an ax.

I gotcha, Jack
I gotcha, Jack

To continue my A+ adulting, I plotted the destruction of the off-center bushes in the front of my house, as well as the overwhelming mint plant population. That little project would have to wait until after a long-awaited run to Target. I mean, they had bras 20% off last week, and it had recently come to my attention that my selection of the everyday staple was … paltry. Plus, let’s be real here, one doesn’t really need an excuse to spend an hour at Target.

I walked into the store last Friday thinking, “How hard can it possibly be to find a couple bras at Target?” 


I tried on literally every single variety that was in my size. I tried on things not in my size. Nothing fit. Nothing was comfortable. Ok, these stupid sports bra-esque were fine, but not what I really wanted.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do NONE of these fit?!

As I’ve gotten older, being comfortable has become more and more important. I’m not really interested anymore in suffering for beauty (ok, to the extent that a barn rat like me ever accepted “suffering”). However, my time as a Nordstrom sales girl taught me that the right underpinnings make clothes look better. As much as I love bras like the above, they don’t really work for all occasions. So seriously, how hard can it be to find something that works on both a functional and comfortable level?


I watched Gossip Girl religiously, and was always so jealous of Blair and Serena’s clothes in general, but also the fact that these high school characters had better, prettier lingerie than I did. Theirs also laid so perfectly under their clothes, too.

Wish list

So the search continues. Alas, I probably won’t be able to find comfort, support, and style in the $12 Target variety this time, so I’m open to the more expensive varieties now. If you have suggestions, please help me.

Until then, sports bras it is!

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